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Genesis 1 opens with God moving upon the face of the deep. In Lesson 1 we discovered that Genesis 1 and the creation is a mirror of what happens in New Testament Salvation. For an individual to be saved, it will take a sovereign act of God’s Spirit moving upon the darkness, chaos, confusion, emptiness and waste to transform the human heart. Only God can create and change the human heart. In Salvation He transforms our hearts and makes us new creations in Him. Only God can change the desires of the heart. If God doesn’t move man has no hope. On the day of Pentecost God moved and filled that place with His Spirit. He empowered the believers in the upper room to become His witnesses. We need a move of God in our lives. That starts the process of Salvation.

In Lesson Two God Spoke. When He spoke things began to happen. As with Salvation, man needs the spoken Word of God to be saved. The Word testifies of a patient, merciful and Gracious God. The Word builds faith and gives hope and begins the process of creating us into His likeness. The Word is quick and powerful. The Word of God is Creative. It makes alive. It transforms and builds faith in God.

The Third thing we see is that God said let there be light. There is no life without light. Every living thing needs light.  The Bible tells us that many will come to the light and there deeds will reproved. Light illuminates and reveals. Jesus gave us a parable about the widow woman that lost one coin, she lit a candle and swept and searched until she found it. Light was needed to find that which was lost. Man is lost without God. He is in darkness, but when light come forth, if man will approach the light and appreciate the light, he will be changed by the light of God’s presence. The Bible tells us that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. The Light of the Gospel has shined in our hearts to give witness that we serve a God that loves us and gave Himself for us.  The Scriptures tell us that Jesus was the light.  Some approached the light and some refused the light because their deeds were evil.  What are you going to do with the Light?


Pastor Robinson


Memorial day is often a holiday that we are thankful for.  Many are thankful to get an extra day off.  Many are thankful for friends and family and a time to get together.  I feel we need to look back and remember the sacrifices that have given us Liberty, ad most importantly give thanks unto our God and our fore fathers for the Great Nation we live in.  Without the sacrifices of our Nations Fathers, we would not be enjoying the Freedoms we have today.  Deep down, I am very Patriotic and Have a Love for Our Nation.  I have stood on the Memorial of the USS Arizona in Hawaii and felt such an awesome, deep respect as I stepped off of the boat that ferried us to the Memorial.  When we arrived, thee was a man standing weeping and lamenting, ” I can’t stand this place, I can’t stand this place.”  This was a full grown man, a big man, but something gripped his heart and his emotions spilled out.  I wondered what effected him so.  As I stepped on that deck, I felt a deep presence and tears flowed down my cheeks as I considered that below my feet was several hundred remains of my countrymen, buried in a tomb of steel and concrete.  I read the names of those that had given their lives as a sacrifice for our freedoms.  The USS Arizona is a Memorial that testifies that there are somethings worth remembering.  I have visited Yorktown and Boston, and Charleston.  I have visited the Battlefields of Previous Sacrifices.  These are preserved today lest we forget.  They are all testimonies that freedom has a Price.  That price often involves the Blood of those who were involved in an effort to Purchase our freedom.  If we forget, we will most definitely suffer the results of unthankfulness.

After the Alamo there was a battle cry for the assembled troops that conquered Sana Anna, It was remember the Alamo.  That battle cry spurred the U.S. Army to win the battle against the tyranny of oppression.  As a Nation, we should remember the sacrifices of those during the Revolutionary War that sacrificed their lives, their possessions and some even lost their families in quest of freedom.  We should remember those that served during WW-1 and WW-2, The Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraq Wars and even today the War against Islamic Extremism.

Memorials often decorate Town Squares, and Various Places throughout our Nation.  They are a reminder that there are somethings worth remembering.  Even in the Bible, God had The Children of Israel Stack Stones up in the Jordan riven and on the Land so that the Generations to come would ask and be given the answer that this was the very place that their forefathers crossed into the Promised Land.  It would reminded them that It was God that Gave them the Land.  It would remind them that God provided a miracle of parting the waters to allow them to cross on dry ground.  God warned Israel that there was a danger of forgetting.  When they entered into the Promised Land, they could get comfortable and forget.  The Bible warns us to beware lest we forget.

Hebrews 2: 1 ¶ Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip.
2 For if the word spoken by angels was stedfast, and every transgression and disobedience received a just recompence of reward;
3 How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him;

I want to especially remember that it was Jesus that died for my Spiritual freedom.  His Precious Blood made an Atonement for my Soul.  He laid down His Life for me.  for that I am Grateful and Thankful.  We as a Nation have been blessed because of Jesus and His Gospel that liberates men from all Nations.  Whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved.   We call on Him for Forgiveness of our sins.  We call on Him in Water Baptism as That Precious Name Jesus is invoked over us, and we call on Him when we seek Him for and receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

I am Thankful for many things.  Thankful for Family, Friends, Church, Truth, Freedom, Country and Most Importantly To Our Great God, The Creator, The First and Last, The Almighty God and Only Potentate.  The True King of kings and Lord of lords.  I am thankful to know Him and have fellowship with Him.  He is not only the Creator, He became a man to save us and die for our sins.  He has risen triumphant, victorious over death, hell and the grace.  The is the author and finisher.  He is the only Savior.  Blessed be the Name above all names.

I am Thankful.  God Bless.

Pastor Robinson

We have previously discussed that a dispensation is a time of stewardship.  We also know that the following Truths seem to be evident in each of the dispensations we have previously discussed.

A steward is required to be faithful.  There is a reckoning day at the end of each dispensation.  God is faithful and merciful to forewarn of impending judgment.  Judgment will come.

The First dispensation - Innocence, ended in judgment.  Adam and Eve lost paradise.

The Second dispensation – Conscience, ended in Judgment.  The Earth was destroyed by the flood.

The Third Dispensation – Human Government ended in Judgment.  The Tower of Babel and the disbursement of the masses by confusing of their languages.

The Forth Dispensation – Promise ended in Judgment.  The descendants of Abraham became comfortable in Egypt and became slaves. (A Type of Worldliness and Sin)

The Fifth Dispensation of Law is where God delivered The Israelites from Egyptian bondage and was bringing them into the Promised Land that He swore unto Abraham.  The Law was given to Moses which contained not only the Ten Commandments but also Judicial and Ceremonial laws that were designed to Govern Israel as a Nation of God’s People.  God demanded Righteousness.  The Apostle Paul said the Law was a School Master teaching us, and warning us of Sin.  The Law provided substitutionary Sacrifices for the sins of the People.  However the Law did nothing to change the real problem of man and that was the Deeply ingrained nature to sin.  By Nature man was formed by sin.  Sin ruled over him as a hard taskmaster.  Sin had it’s ugly grip upon the life of man.  The Law provided the substitutionary sacrifice that when man offered the sacrifice by faith, God honored man’s faith and rolled his sins ahead, or in other words delayed judgment.  The Scriptures tell us that when the fullness of time was come God sent forth His Son.  This son was actually God manifest in the flesh for the purpose of reconciling the world unto Himself.  He became one of us.  He was made in the likeness of sinful flesh but He knew no sin.  He conquered sin in the Flesh.  The Law ended in Judgment and that is when God himself as the substitutionary Lamb took upon himself all of our sins and transgressions.  He nailed the handwriting of ordinances that was contrary against us and nailed them to His Cross.

Christ died for the ungodly.  He died for each of us.  By nature we were the children of wrath.  We were aliens and foreigners to God Kingdom.  By Nature we were sinners, born with the nature to sin.  Sin was in our members.  God so loved us, that he took our place.  We were guilty before God.  Sin polluted us and stained us and made us unholy, unrighteous and unworthy, but God commended His Great Love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, He died for us.  His Blood was shed to make an atonement for our souls.  The Law ended at CALVARY, when Christ was Judged for us.

The sad thing is that Many in Israel rejected Him and Slew the Lamb in their ignorance.  Their Messiah came to them and they did not perceive Him.  They rejected hima dn asked the release of a murderer instead.  The terrible tragedy that followed was that within one Generation Israel would be overthrown by the Roman Army and Their Temple was destroyed.  That Generation did not pass until Judgment fell upon the Nation of Israel.  So it is with those who reject GOD and His Great Plan of Salvation, which We will discuss in the Next Dispensation.

God Bless.

Pastor Robinson